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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Explorate help me with?

If you love shopping, but not the time-consuming aspect of going to 10 different websites and scrolling through mediocre products, then Explorate is the place for you. Shoppers on Explorate unite the best products from all e-commerce stores into a beautiful showcase of trending, unique and beautiful finds that you can put on price alerts. What’s more, we personalize all our recommendations for you. Learn more here.

2. Getting started on Explorate

First things first, make a profile! Just click on Sign Up on the homepage and make a profile using social media or input your details. Takes less than 10 seconds! Then, you can upload a display picture of yourself. If you’d like personally recommended products (that we can bet you’ll swoon over), click on Recommended and take the fun fashion quiz. You can also scroll through Trending, to see the latest product saves from all other shoppers, real time. When you see something you like, you can buy it or Save it to a Collection for later. You can even see who Saved it and explore more of their style or follow them. To Save your own products from any website directly to your Collections, download the Shopping Bookmark from the Chromestore. Looking for something in particular? Type it in the search bar and let the tags help you narrow your search. Just want to browse and look at pretty things? Let our Shop Page inspire you!

3. How do price alerts work?

Whenever a product that has been saved to Explorate goes on sale on the original website, it reflects on Explorate, as well. Everyone wants to have their favourite products in one place, and everyone loves a good steal! To keep track of when your favourite stuff goes on sale, put it on price alerts and we’ll notify you when the price drops. You will see a button on every product window. Click on it to save that product to your price alerts. To see all your price alerts, go to your profile. Alternatively, you can save a product directly to price alerts when using the Shopping Bookmark on other websites.

4. How do collections work?

Collections are your personal wishlists to organize your favourite products into themes. When browsing through products on Explorate, click on Save to add a product to your collections. We’ve gone ahead and made 3 collections for you to start with, on your profile. You can edit these collections to rename them or create new ones. Click on the + button on your profile to create a new collection. When browsing through products, you can click on Save, and create a new collection on the pop up window. When using the Shopping Bookmark to save a product from another website, you can select the ‘Create New Collection’ from the drop down menu.

5. How do I edit/delete collections?

Go to your Explorate profile where you can see all your collections. Select the one you would like to edit. When it opens up, you will see a settings wheel on the top right hand corner. Click on it and select ‘Delete’ to delete that collection, or ‘Edit’ to rename your collection. You can also delete products in that collection by clicking on the trash can icons on each product.

6. How can I follow other shoppers?

Every product you see on Explorate has been saved by a shopper to their personal collection. Click on a product that you like and you will see the shopper’s name mentioned below the products. Click on it and you will be directed to the profile. You can browse through their wishlists, save products to your own collections or follow them if you like their style. You can also use the Search bar to type in the name of someone you want to follow. When you search, you will see a Products | People button. Click on People, and you will see shopper’s profiles with the name you have searched for, with a Follow button under their name.

7. How is the featured stylist chosen?

Explorate has a dynamic and growing community of fashion-forward women and bloggers. You can find them here. The featured stylist on that page is chosen by the Explorate Team on the basis of their activity on Explorate and their unique style. You will see a short bio of the featured stylist and a few of her saved products that you can save or buy directly.

8. Why do I see ‘NA’ on some products?

Whenever you save a product from another website to your collections on Explorate, our website bots (they’re basically the fashion fairies that do all the hard work to make Explorate awesome), manually check each product to see if it was saved from the right page and if the price and all specifications came in correctly, from the other website. Often, if a product is saved from a sale page or wishlist it goes out of stock and that page becomes unavailable. Also, if a product is saved from other faulty locations like a banner on a website or homepage instead of the individual product page, the link is not recognized. This is why you see ‘NA (Not available’) as the price. But don’t worry, if the product was saved correctly, the price will be updated soon!

9. I’m a blogger. How do I get featured on the stylist page?

Explorate is a go-to platform for fashion lovers, so it’s no wonder that bloggers love us! You can see our community or bloggers here. If you’re a blogger and would like to join the community, write to us at and we’ll welcome you to the party. Explorate bloggers also get a blogger badge and a featured link to their blog, on their Explorate profile. What’s more, your followers can easily shop your recommended styles directly from your profile!

10. I don’t know how to use the bookmark. Help!

The Shopping Bookmark is available for desktop use only, and you can download it easily with one click, here Go through the slides on Chromestore to see how you can use the Bookmark!

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