Team Explorate

Explorate Team and employees

We are 3 students from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Little more than acquaintances before Explorate came to being, we came together with the common goal of building a tool that will help consumers make smarter purchases.

Our basic ideology of constantly learning and working outside our comfort zone reflects in most of our decisions, including that of hiring people from varied educational and cultural backgrounds, and different locations, as well. This keeps the team dynamic and diverse. Everyone who has been a part of the Explorate family continues to update themselves constantly and perform functions that they previously never did.

We strive to be better than ourselves, every passing day.

Kuriakose Geevarghese Abhishek 'KG' Chairman of Explorate

KG Abhishek
Beautiful woman at the bar vs. strong idea.
KG will go home to think. 

Hrushikesh Mande, Cofounder Explorate

Hrushikesh Mande
Co-Founder/Business Development
If people were a hobby, it would be his.

Chantelle Menezes, Cofounder Explorate Content & Marketing

Chantelle Menezes
Co-Founder/Content & Marketing
Chantelle loves to jive.
Good content and her make for one helluva couple.

jerrin joy director at explorate

Jerrin Joy
IIT(K)Mechanical, Flipkart Operations &
BD; Now Head of Operations at www.truebil.com.
Does it get any better?

harkirat khangura singh backend developer at explorate

Harkirat Singh
Backend Developer
Harkirat’s always got our back(end.

Nameer Khan, Fashion Curater at Explorate

Nameer Khan
Fashion Curator
Nameer gives only one ‘F’.

Taha Momin, Frontend developer at Explorate

Taha Momin
Frontend Developer
Taha is to Explorate what
makeup is to women.

arjun jindam, consulting CTO at Explorate

Arjun Jindam
Consulting CTO
A rich bed of coding, coated with ideas
and sprinkled with all nighters.

himanshu gupta advidor product explorate

Himanshu Gupta
Advisor, Product
The man is the missing link between
a machine and a user’s mental model.

From the Entire X Team,
We’d like to thank you for reading our blog and we’re constantly working to make our website better and better, slowly moulding itself to your idea of a perfect shopping website. Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions for the website and blog!