You spend most of your life in your room. Ok maybe not lately, since you’ve started the harrowing process of adulting and gotten a job, but it’s the still your refuge and the place you choose to be in, most. Why not make it as comfy and eye-pleasing as you possibly can, so that your sanctuary becomes your absolute favourite place? We all have those ‘Dream Home’ and ‘Easy Makeover Ideas for Room’ boards on Pinterest that we occasionally go through, sigh and say “Maybe one day” or “When I move abroad.” (Speaking of which, check out ours).

The time is now, my work-fatigued and unmotivated friends! No painting, no arts and crafts or other daunting-sounding manual work ensues, don’t worry. Here are 6 surefire easy makeover ideas to make your room look like a Pinterest dream.

Wall Decals

winter trees wall stickers

Who needs paint and cumbersome wallpaper when you can use a wall decal? These babies are a serious lifesaver and literally work like giant stickers that you can use anywhere on a flat surface, to give your room an instantly easy makeover. Tired of it? Take it off whenever you want. Hassle-free!

Idea bulbs wall art decal easy makeover for room

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Yellow tree flowers pretty wall sticker decal easy makeover room

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Throw Pillows

colorful pillows easy makeover for your room

Clutch them when you’re watching the Conjuring 2, talk to them when you’re lonely, stack them around you when it’s cold and safely leave them tossed around your room because they’re just THAT cute. Easy makeover? I think so.

Casual Summer Cream Polyester Cushion Cover Cushion Covers - Home Decor

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explore wanderlust travel pillow

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plush colorful macaron pillows

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Lamps & Candles

comfy cosy room makeover tips

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” Whoever wrote this peppy hymn was probably talking about the oodles of scented candles or decorative lampshades he/she used to make their room a mini scene from Tangled.


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Hanging Lamp with Clear Glass and Wooden Top

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Purple Glass Candle Holder

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Antique Black Candle Holder sun rays

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bird cage pretty lamp

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Wall Hangings

wall posters for easy room makeover

Need motivation? Hang up a Buddha or fitness quote. Need to come home to something that makes you giggle? Hang it up so it’s the first thing you see when you get home. Your line of sight’s never been this exciting….

life is short eat dessert first frame

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biryani love wall frame

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coldplay fix you lyrics wall frame

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wall clocks with a pop of accent color

Big, bright and beautiful, these clocks will make sure you’re always on time.

rise and shine wall clock

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aint nobody got time for that clock

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nope cant adult wall clock

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Fairy Lights

Add fairy lights to ANY room, and it will, rest assured, be transformed into a magic wonderland.

fairy light bedroom hack

Other stuff

Besides beautifying your bedroom, the functional things that make your life easier don’t have to look drab, either.

multipurpose cloth hanging storage

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aztec print cute laundry bag

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cream wall hanging organizer

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Compiled by Chantelle Menezes

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