This will undoubtedly go down as the year Leonardo Dicaprio *finally* won the Oscar award that he deserved, for his riveting performance in The Revenant. It’s also a proud moment for us in the subcontinent, that Pakistani journalist and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy won Best Documentary Short for ‘A Girl In the River’ that sheds light on the prevalent phenomena of honour killings in India and Pakistan. Get more scoop on who won what, who wore what, who was best dressed, a critic’s take on who should’ve won the Oscars and a list of the most iconic Oscars Red Carpet looks of all time, right here below!

Iconic  Red Carpet looks from past Oscars

Before we start off, let’s go back down memory lane to laud, murmur our approval and swoon at the most iconic red carpet looks of all time, from past Oscars. Our favourites are Grace Kelly in vintage Versace, Cate Blanchett (just about always), Lupita Nyong’o in 2014 and 2015, Gwyneth Paltrow in the fairy-like pink silk gown and Audrey Hepburn (again, always). Yours?

The most iconic red carpet best dressed best gowns of past Oscars

Click here to see them all, 100 of the most iconic gowns of all time, to be exact.

The Good, The Bad and The Selfie

And just for good measure, let’s just look at the most memorable moment from last year’s Oscar ceremony, shall we?

best moment of 2015 Oscars celebrity selfie

Who deserves to win: The Oscar analysis

2016 Oscars brokenn down analysis of all the nominees and who should win

Want the detailed breakdown and comparison of the 2016’s Oscar Nominees, their chances, and everything in between? This guy called almost everything, even before the results were out. Impressive read!

The Star Studded List : Who Won


Well, besides this guy that we’re clearly biased towards (who got a standing ovation for a full 30 seconds), here’s the entire list of this year’s Oscar winners. Fun fact: Lady Gaga is the first person in history to be nominated for an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar.

The Oscars Best Dressed List

Cate Blanchett Armani Prive best dressed Oscars 2016 Brie Larson in Gucci best dressed Oscars 2016 Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell best dressed Oscars 2016

From Cate Blanchett’s Armani gown that was certified by scientists to take your breath away, to a demure Lady Gaga and adventurous Olivia Wilde, here are  the best dressed stars of this year’s Oscars.  In case you missed the Grammy’s , we’ve got that covered, too!


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