Hello, Exploraters!

We’re back with Feature Fridays, an activity that will keep you up-to-speed with the website updates, changes, and fixes happening on www.explorate.in. We will be putting up these updates on all our social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin & our blog, of course. So, stay tuned!

We’re glad to announce that our Landing Page got a makeover for the New Year!

The Navigation Bar is now a dark grey and we’ve changed the categories to include ‘Shop’, which will be your entry point to exploring Explorate! Hover on Shop to see a drop down of Trending, Clothing, Accessories, Beauty Products, Quirky & Offers. Take a look.

Hope you like it and it makes your Explorating experience smoother. As always, you can send us feedback and suggestions at youare@explorate.in.

Explorate.in is the ultimate online shopping wishlist. This blog features the collective ideas, inspiration and random musings of the Explorate team and guest writers.

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