Hello, Exploraters!

We are kickstarting Feature Fridays, an activity that will keep you up-to-speed with the website updates, changes, and fixes happening on www.explorate.in. We will be putting up these updates on all our social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin & our blog, of course. So, stay tuned!

We’re glad to announce that our new and improved Product Page is now live!

Now, whenever you right-click on a product you like, it will open up on a wider product page with a clean, minimal design. Here, take a look.

A big thank you to Taha, our frontend developer, for designing the product page!

Hope you like it and it makes your Explorating experience smoother. As always, you can send us feedback and suggestions at youare@explorate.in.


Explorate.in is the ultimate online shopping wishlist. This blog features the collective ideas, inspiration and random musings of the Explorate team and guest writers.

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