“Let’s travel alone!” – Out of all the things that cross someone’s mind when they think of holidays, this one is the least likely to be one of them.  When anyone thinks of going on a vacation or wanderlusting, a typical mental image of a laughing group of friends in scenic locations, gets conjured up in our heads. But what happened and when, that made us forget about the most important person in our lives, that made us anxious at the thought of serenity, ‘loneliness’ and being by yourself? After all, “You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” -The Buddha

Here are 10 reasons why your bucket list should include the words “I want to travel alone to ____”

1) When you travel alone, you travel according to your own schedule

The world is your oyster go explore the perfect time is now - travel quote

You can plan, research, and explore on your own time without having to wait for somebody or keep somebody waiting for you. No need for  whatsapp groups or co-ordination schemes to match dates of travel with your companions. You might not end up going if you’re waiting for someone to come with you. You decide the modus operandi. If you travel alone, yous can go anywhere – surf beach, snow covered mountains, tea gardens.



2) An actual break from your usual life

definition of solivagant- wandering/ travel alone

Travel alone and you’ll realize you get some much needed getaway time from family and friends. Everyone loves company but once in a while, it’s nice to feel free and be a solivagant!


3) A better opportunity to understand the culture, the people and the place

beautiful mosque on a lake Morocco travel destination

Voyager seul  and you will naturally be intuitively aware of your surroundings  and observe in greater detail because of the lack of distractions. You won’t have people rushing you through exhibits and write-ups at museums and you can stare at a 15th century mural for hours. You will enjoy a holistic experience without even trying.

4) Time to yourself to introspect

'My alone feels so good- I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude' travel alone quote

You will have time to sleep, relax and reflect. Every once in a while we need a little space to clear our heads and what better way to do it, than while experiencing the joy of traveling? Travel alone to a different place, with a different culture, and it will only help you broaden your perspective and look at your life in a different light.

5) Catch up on reading 

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A wishlist of 100 books to read? Haven’t had the time? Travel alone and you are spared the obligation of making conversation all the time and gives you time to read at a café or while sun tanning on a white sand beach or in your lake-view hotel room in the balcony, with a warm cup of coffee.

6) Meet different travelers and exchange experiences

solo travel doesn't necessarily mean travelling alone group travel

A solo trip doesn’t mean you do not interact with people. It just gives you a chance to get over your inhibitions, talk to other travelers and share your experiences. If you want a more inclusive opportunity to interact with people , opt to stay in a dormitory or a hostel if you travel alone. Every traveller would have a story to tell about places you probably haven’t even heard of. There are so many group activities like rafting, bird watching, nature trek, wildlife safari &  ski camps.

 7) A Sense of Independence and accomplishment

'I was never waiting to go if I waited for someone to come with me' travel alone  quote

When you travel alone you are solely responsible for yourself. You have to eat right, venture out to safe places, and talk to the right people. Following these basic safety measures while travelling alone is a must. It’s fine to venture out for a walk but it’s important to keep the track in mind. Solo travel makes you realize the things you didn’t know about yourself and the things you are capable of doing.

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8) Sit at a café and observe the world around you

travel alone girl sits at a french cafe

Humans are curious beings and there’s no better exercise in broadening your mind (or sharpening your creativity), than sitting at a cafe, leisurely sipping on a latte, and observing the people around you and the world as it goes about its business.

9)Don’t plan- Just head out and explore

Just Go travel world map tumblr

Forget about following the rules and thinking in linearity. Do the exact opposite of what you would otherwise do, and follow your instincts! You’ll be surprised where your feet take you.

10) Come back home and have kickass stories to tell

Ranbir kapoor travel alone in Kashmir

More often than not, chances are you’ll have made enough memories to regale your friends back home with, for months! Share all your enviable tales with people, through conversation or your instagram feed. “Hey guys, remember that one time I impulsively wanted to travel alone and it led to me finding the love of my life?”


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