Let’s face it, we’re swimming in so much corruption, we might as well label the phenomenon, Corruption: Made in India. Un-kept promises, U-turns and cover-ups have become part and parcel of the Indian political scenario. Big bellied businessmen have flushed money into the pockets of similarly big bellied governers and policemen.

Do we seriously want to rely on a few individuals, THESE individuals, to make decisions that affect all our lives?


Yes, let’s allow this man to go against hundreds of years of culture, and decide for all of us that India should be a vegetarian state. I mean, he hasn’t even TASTED butter chicken!

(Don’t worry, we’re not V-haters, we did a feature blog post for vegetarians, in fact! https://explorateindia.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/shut-up-and-eat/)


And let’s totally depend on this guy, who seems to be rendered nonverbal every time something important comes up, to be vocal our wants.

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How could we forget Jayalalithaa, according to whom, obviously, this is how the evolution of the Indian man progresses?  And Lalu Prasad who can barely even vocalize his thoughts and spends crores of taxpayers’ money on the wedding celebrations of his offspring?


And this guy.

I’d rather let the common people help me make my decisions, or even kids like this, thank you very much.


So you see? It’s time to bring people like you and me to the fore. It’s time to crowdsource.

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. With technology to assist us, all these ‘something’s’ can combine to become Everything.

So, what is Crowd sourcing? We don’t realize it, but we’ve all encountered and benefitted from it at some point or the other, without actually knowing that that’s the official word for it. Think about it. All the websites and apps we love to use, Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, 9gag –

They’re all crowdsourced.

In the recent past, India got its own rupee symbol. How do you think we got it made? Crowd sourcing, of course! The crowd was reached out to, and a certain Udaya Kumar’s design was picked out of millions.

Before the White Revolution, when Amul was a fledgling industry, how do you think they funded their movie? With meagre amounts collected from thousands of their very own poor famers.

Going beyond Indian shores, how do you think Ebola volunteers knew where to go in Liberia, recently? Crowdsourcing! http://bit.ly/1FWixCH

How about this woman who crowdsourced the capture of her sexual attacker 2 years after the assault? http://bit.ly/1BqQaHC

And how do you think international giants like Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and Doritos come up with their crazy & innovative flavours?

You guessed right. It’s the power of the Crowd.


This. This is the Power of a Crowd.

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