Our very first blog post is a feature by Bangalore based Exploraters: Abhingya Patra & Heerak Thapar. 
These are their personal opinions and pictures.

Kapoor’s Cafe

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore

Their rating: 4.5 / 5



Having heard so much about this place, my boyfriend and I decided to head over for a late breakfast/an early lunch to this cafe. What catches your attention is the Punjabi vibes this place exudes right from the board that welcomes you into the cafe to the menu written Punjabi style. This gives the feel of a Punjabi dhaba, with a very friendly and courteous staff, with pleasant smiling faces and greeting you and attending to you with patience. The ambience is average but the food more than makes up for it. Steaming hot parathas stuffed generously with a rich mixture of spiced aloo and masala and with a thick layer of melting hot cheese with onions and tomatoes and spices, and smeared generously with butter, these are easily the best ones I’ve had in ages. The chhole bhature with masala aloo sabzi and boondi ka raita was delicious and very filling. The shahi tukda was well made. And full points for the lassi served in matkas. This is a must visit for some decently priced authentic Punjabi food sans the non-veg.


Sunday morning without Paranthas is a cause for concern for any Punjabi. So here we land up at a cafe well hidden from plain sight with the help of Google maps.
It’s a small cafe-like place with minimal decorations. But don’t judge the book by its cover, they say.
So we sat down and a very polite gentleman(probably the owner) came to take the order. His way of talking with the occasional ‘beta – beta’ made me feel welcome and at home.

The lassi served in authentic clay pots was indeed as served in Punjab and the paranthas (loaded with butter ; slurp) were just as delicious. They write cheese parantha as a speciality and it truly lived up to its name for it is filled with cheese and vegetables which ensures it is not bland. The chhole bhature were also easily the best we have had in bangalore.
And best part was how economical it was.
All the food set back the wallet by a mere Rs. 400 which is less by bangalore standards.

Foodie Rating – 

Food- 5/5
Services- 5/5
Ambience- 3/5

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