Stand in line to get your ticket. Behind the man who hasn’t showered. The young bride and her screaming child. The boss whose face has soured.

The flashy looking poor dude. The college girl’s attitude.

Distract yourself with music. Tap your chappals to the beat. Sway but not too much, resist. Beware of potential terrorists.

Tugging at your t-shirt, rattles little boy with katori. You Shoo away the little boy. You shooed away his story.

Homeless man on his selfmade skateboard makes his way up the station stairs as a painful sountrack to this moment cuts the gloomy monsoon air.

Muddy little angel playing a funny looking thing. That Sounds like a violin made of rusty pipes and strings.

Train stops abruptly
Everyone grunts and sighs
While somewhere crushed between train and tracks

A young man just died.
“They deserve it” one woman says.
While the others crane their necks to see.
Another prayed to the divine.
Pudhil station Marine Lines.

-Explorater: Lizanne D’souza

Lizanne is a  warm, vibrant individual with an eclectic free spirit, seeking beautiful things.


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