I’m a Punjabi boy, through-and-through, from Delhi, who loves his butter chicken, kadai paneer, aloo paranthas and lassi. Food is basically the essence of our existence and constitutes the very fabric of home for us. I moved to Mumbai around two years ago and since the past one year I’ve been living in the Gujarati dominated Girgaon Chowpatty area of Mumbai.

As we all know, Mumbai is not Delhi and Punjabis are a rare sight here. It is always a struggle, finding food which tastes like home. However, in this struggle for hunting down home-like cuisine, I have come across the most interesting and dynamic plethora of multi-cultural cuisine in Mumbai. Now, since I live by myself and I don’t have a kitchen, I am forced to eat out every day. When I moved to this area and found out that it was a vegetarian-only zone, I was shocked. I was scared to even imagine how I’m going to pass this year out living on pure vegetarian Gujarati food. Over time, I was proven wrong. The Chowpatty area in Mumbai plays host to the best possible variety of food there can be for both the rich and the poor.

Here are some of my best picks:

  1. Soam

    source: foodspotting.com

    This Gujarati restaurant located right off Chowpatty opposite Babulnath temple provides the best value for money. With spectacular quality of food, Soam was one of my first discoveries in the area which blew me away. I would’ve never imagined something like Dal Dhokli or Puranpoli with excessive amounts of ghee would taste so good.

  2. Crystal

    source: selectrestaurant.com

    This is my favorite in the area. If you are ever craving home food and you don’t feel like spending too much (because why should you spend a lot for home food anyway?), this is the best place you could go to. When my friends and I go there, our standard order consists of Paneer Korma, Dal Makhni, Paneer Paranthas and Butter Rotis with Chhaas and the Crystal special fruit cream. It never goes wrong and takes us back to the nostalgic flavours of the North. Don’t forget to get some naariyal pani from the stall right next to it.

  3. Revival

    source: jantareview.com

    I’d heard a lot about the “Unlimited Thali” at Revival but I was always saving it for a day when I would really be hungry and in the mood to take on this adventure. Recently when I was recovering from a fever, I came here and ate their Golden Thali which was literally never-ending. Besides, the staff here is the sweetest there can be. If you want another option for an Unlimited Vegetarian Thali, Golden Star Thali restaurant near Charni Road station is another excellent option.

  4. Paramount

    source: zomato.com

    This is the only restaurant located in the far end of Chowpatty which serves non-vegetarian food. Understandably so, because it is a Parsi restaurant with a wide variety of food options aside from the usual Parsi cuisine.

  5. Bachelorr’s

    source: bachelorr’s.com

    We all know Bachelorrs. We all love their milkshakes and ice cream and sandwiches. It’s a classic!

Next time you’re in the area, be sure to visit these places. You won’t regret it one bit.

-Explorater: Abhinav Chugh

Feel free to send us your feedback and/or lifestyle experiences of your own, from around the city, in our comments section.

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2 thoughts on “ExplorateFood: How a Delhi boy found a home away from home in Mumbai

  1. Great Post Abhinav…As i also hail from Delhi and was struggling to find out some good food joints which serves north Indian style food. Thank you for sharing these joints, will definitely try them.

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