Since you loved our previous art post and we couldn’t fit so much talent into one, we’re back with the Second Edition of Pop Goes The Easel!

Below are some genuinely sterling artists, all young Mumbaikars and bursting at the seams with creative genius.

  1. Aakanksha KukrejaHello! I’m Aakansha Kukreja. My interest primarily lies in graphic design, typography and illustration. I enjoy experimenting with methods and mediums but prefer to work digitally. When I’m not spending my time stalking talented designer’s works or trying to get better at my own, I like collecting boxes, books and lamps and also have a weakness for stationery.  I’ve worked professionally for and with clients such as Propshop24, The Protein Bake Shop, Canopy Avenue, The Elbow Neuron Company. I’m currently working on taking certain personal projects forward to a larger scale.
    View more of Aakanksha’s great artwork here.
  2. Nirvair NathNirvair is a Mumbai based artist who recently graduated from Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts. He recently collaborated with St+ Art India to paint a mural in Pali Hill and has also made album artwork and paintings. Besides art, we hear he loves to cook, as well!

    ©Nirvair Nath
    ©Nirvair Nath

    View more of his artwork here.

  3. Rounak Magoo
    Rounak, 19, has started a project…..or shall we say, a challenge called ‘The Girl Who Drew’ which has quite the fan following.
    The reason for this project is simple. I love art. I love drawing. I love the feeling of satisfaction one receives when you realize you created something beautiful on, what once was, a blank sheet of paper. However, I am only 19 and I am just getting started. I really need to push myself to do train myself on a daily basis. Some of what I draw is inspired from other artwork I see around me, with tweaks here and there of my own.That is how The Girl Who Drew was born.
    My goal is to complete a drawing a day for however long I can. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I like making it. Check out her page here.

    ©Rounak Magoo
    ©Rounak Magoo


4. Shannon Fernandes
My name is Shannon Fernandes. I’m a 21 yr old BA graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. I am a musician at the NSPA , and am also a free lance graphic designer and sell my artwork through my FB page called Pigmentia. While at all of this, I’m also working on a start up called Vagabond (fb/projectvagabond).Here are few of my favorite artworks through the past 5 years, including a portrait of the world’s best frontman Freddie Mercury, a GoT-themed Tshirt, an Oscar Wilde quote Tshirt, Beatles drumsticks and a Beatles watercolour painting. Apart from portraits, guitar cases, badges and tshirts, I can also paint phone covers and take bulk orders. View his facebook page Pigmetia.
10938954_776382332444822_989087176_o (1)

5. George Katticaran
 I am an art and design student now based in Srishti, Bangalore. I wish to be a crazy illustrator some day. I specialize in digital art, illustration and character design.

©George Katticaran
©George Katticaran

You can view more of his artwork here.

6. Aurelia Fernandes

Aurelia is a full time copy writer, part time doodler. She is known to have a stationery fetish and loves to doodle, besides ceremoniously called to paint her friends’ faces on Halloween.

©Aurelia Fernandes
©Aurelia Fernandes


7. Diti Mistry
 I shifted from Delhi to Mumbai 4 years ago for my graduation. As a child I doodled anything and everything to escape studies. Having a family full of artists, creativity came as gift to me. My doodles are like my alter ego, we work together.
As a child i would rush back home from school and see my mom making another piece of art and each day we discovered a new game.. my inspiration for my doodles come from day to day conversation, events, things people say. All these wonderful conversation run in my head and I’m constantly doodling. I wish to show my art to people and make them happy.


©Diti Mistry
©Diti Mistry

View more of Diti’s artwork here.

These are only 7 out of countless artists, undiscovered in the big, labyrinthine city. Bring these deserving artists out into the limelight and tell us about them in the comments section and we could feature their art in the next blog post! Till then, stay tuned for more awesomeness coming up. Share, like, subscribe!

Explorater: Chantelle Menezes

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