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  1. To many of us in the suburbs, the Damian furniture store’s yearly display is undoubtedly the first big sign that Christmas is HERE. Day in and day out we walk and crawl by in rickshaws, unenthusiastically going about our menial chores.
    Until one day, like a flash of divine intervention, Damian dons its Christmas garb in all its glory. So be a part of the constant stream of passers-by that stop for a moment (or many moments) in front of that glass wall. Big golden lights echoed in their glassy eyes, marveling with mouths slightly agape, sharing a rare moment of communal connection with total strangers.
    And the best part is, the guys at Damian won’t charge you for it. The look on the tiny tots’ faces are payment enough.

    mumbaidailysnapshot.blogspot.com/inditerrain.indiaartndesign.com/ Chantelle Menezes
    mumbaidailysnapshot.blogspot.com/inditerrain.indiaartndesign.com/ Chantelle Menezes

Another favourite haunt that puts up their decorations well in advance, and on every single one of their 6 or 7 floors, is Candies in Pali, Bandra. With their lush green trim and Christmas trees and their staircases adorned with poinsettias, Candies is always giving us a reason to love them more.

  1. Go carol singing
    There was a time when most kids could hardly contain their excitement about joining hands with the neighbours or their society building friends, to go around carol singing.
    Not to earn pocket money. Not to sing brilliantly, as if they were on Britain’s Got Talent.
    Just for the sheer joy of singing together, singing as one, and spreading a message.

    www.nspa.in/ www.thenational.ae/dnaindia.com
    www.nspa.in/ www.thenational.ae/dnaindia.com

We hear there’s a group of anonymous angels that sing to the cancer patients at Shanti Avedna every year at this time! Now isn’t that just heartwarming?

Artists from NSPA (National Streets for the Performing Arts) will also be caroling away this Sunday(14th) from 10-10:30 am at the Equal Streets initiative on Linking Road. Grab a bike or some skates, and skate down there to show some support!

Kids carol singing - Credit: Smita Vyas Kumar
Kids carol singing – Credit: Smita Vyas Kumar

 Last year, I started the carol-singing tradition with 14 kids from the building. This year, I am training 40 kids to spread the cheer in the society!

Smita Vyas Kumar, Wadala, lover of the arts and mother of young caroler, Keya Kumar.

We think it’s a culture well worth continuing and making an effort to bring back, don’t you?

  1. For those of you who crave the real feeling of Christmas, of children singing sincerely, or of strains of harmonious sound floating to your ears from an orchestra; of the idyllic night time, cemented by a feeling of unity and Yuletide, join 400 children and youth led by the Cadenza Kantori choir, as they walk for peace from St. Anne’s & St. Peter’s Churches, Bandra (as part of the 11th Annual Festival of Religious & Sacred Choral Music on the 13th of December at 5pm.
    Copyright: Cadenza Kantori/Chantelle Menezes
    Copyright: Cadenza Kantori/Chantelle Menezes
    Peace march- Credit: Chantelle Menezes
    Peace march- Credit: Chantelle Menezes

    On the 14th of December at 7.30pm at St.Peter’s Church, let these same children and amateur choirs entrance you with their angelic sound, in individual choirs as well as all 400 voices together, accompanied by a full orchestra. What with all the caroling, stunning decorations that adorn the church, and warm smiling faces all around you, we don’t know what better way there is to get into the Christmas spirit and support another worthy cause, that of choral music.

    pikoomish.wordpress.com/ Chantelle Menezes
    pikoomish.wordpress.com/ Chantelle Menezes
  2. Make the most of this weather and step out with that someone special, either to leisurely stroll or drive down some of the best-lit streets in Bandra, Juhu, Santacruz and Borivali. The million dollar smile of someone you love;accompanied by the trees overhead, bejeweled in every possible color, makes for a far more enchanting (and not to mention valuable) night than a night spent lavishing excesses, in our humble opinion.
  3. This is undoubtedly the only time of year that concepts like garam chai, scarves, layered clothing or smoking actually make sense. What with the sun not trying to turn you into a human shawarma and the nights increasingly lengthening, make hay while the sun don’t shine (literally), and savor a long walk down the promenade with your dog or better half, on your balcony with your fellow sutta-smokers and a chai. If you’re lucky and are out late enough, you can sometimes get your hands on a piping hot cup of Boost and cigarettes from a cycle-waala.
    Ahh, bliss.chai

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