Do you find it hard to live with the meagre allowance your parents provide, in a city like Bombay? Do you frequently feel the phenomenon of weightlessness  in your wallet/pocket? Are you broke very often? Are you one of those people who sacrifice a lot for the weekend?

If your answer is yes to at least one of the above, then you have to read this blog.

These tips are for entrepreneurs, college students and other broke nigg’s. (excuse my French). The following will come in handy very often and if used properly, you could live like a king.

Learn to cook
This is the basic skill required to be UNBROKE.

Apart from helping you save money this will also help you eat healthy home cooked food and give you a sense of joy once your cooking is done. Furthermore, this also helps you network because there’s a personal touch to it when you cook for others.
Last but not least, girls are totally into guys who can cook. (I personally testify to this).

In my case I learnt everything possible from my grandmother.  Grandmothers love it when you are around tasting their dishes and asking for cooking tips. It’s a win win situation. You can learn one of the most valuable skill in life, along with making them happy.

Stock up your refrigerator when loaded
Pile up your store with whole foods and grocery for a month, whenever loaded. Don’t forget to get your Maggi in case of emergency.

Find cheap eats in your city
This can be both fun and useful. You could ask around or watch Highway On My Plate for this.

Recently, there have been a number of small scale eateries that sell home-cooked food. Check this article for more on the same.

The dabba service in Mumbai is another life saver. Check out ‘Tiffin Tales‘ for all your dabba needs.

I found a very useful link for Mumbaikars.  200 Cheap eats under Rs 200/-

Learn to be treated often

Being very outgoing is important. You cannot expect to stay at home and get unbroke. You need to get out there make friends. Lots of them! You will be called for all their birthdays. Make 20 friends and you can get sloshed 20 times a year for free.

Happy saving for the weekend

If the above tips are followed well, you can save up for the weekend and get sloshed another 52 times in a year. Therefore, the total number of times you could get sloshed in a year = 52+20 = 72. I think this is more than enough. You shouldn’t be killing your brain cells any more.

How to enjoy Christmas-time if you’re broke

You can still have a holly-jolly Christmas without the hassle of spending too much money. Here’s how. 

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