Christmas parties are looming ever closer, and you’ve left your shopping for the last minute.
Now you realize Christmas Eve is upon you.
You have nothing to wear. It’ll take ages for you to scout around, for something decent.

Panic, panic, panic.

Breathe. We’ve compiled a list of places from around town that you can go shop at, contributed by  3 very versatile guys, ages 21-26. They have different style preferences and budgets, so there’s something for everyone.

Hartej (Teji) Sawhney

“My style is relaxed and comfort based with a strong love for nice graphic prints or designs on either half, top or bottom. I try and make sure I try on everything before I pick it up to make sure the fit is right because I’ve recently realised the massive difference that can make to your wardrobe. I’m out most of the day so I’m usually in the clothes I leave the house in the morning in till I get home late at night. So comfort is absolutely essential.
And owing to Bombay’s not-so-forgiving weather I’ve developed a love for shorts and would wear them for almost everything if that were possible. But, alas.
I shop mostly online and sometimes end up picking up stuff that ends up catching my eye when I’m taken along to shop with the family, ironically enough for someone else.


Black Basic T shirt from Zara
Printed shorts from Slub Denim (From Myntra)
Sneakers from Vans


Printed T shirt with space woman riding space bear from Vans
Shorts from Cottonworld

FullSizeRender(1)Skinny fit denim jeans from Wrangler
Don’t mess with her t shirt from Kulture Shop

Crime Master Gogo T shirt from Bombay Trooper
Red trousers from Zara
Hi top sneakers from Nike (off Myntra)



Full sleeve tee from Jack and Jones
Trousers from Jack and Jones

Amaan Udhas

I usually shop at global names because I travel a lot and can find the same stuff in different countries. Their clothes are comfortable and durable.


The Calvin Klein crewneck (4,000 INR) was bought in the USA, but they have a store in India. 
The pants are from J-crew (4,000 INR)


The sweater is from Burberry(14,000 INR).Jeans from Rag & Bone  (10,500 INR)Shoes from Prada. (36,000 INR)

Rabanne Jamsandekar


Places I shop at-
F U (Fashion Unlimited):
Turner Road, the lane before Tava, next to Freedom Tree, Bandra West.
I’ve been shopping here for a while. Lots of printed shirts, priced between 700 to 1000 INR. Nice winter wear too, if you’re traveling.

Opposite Archies on Hill Road, Bandra West.
My go-to store for shirts (I pretty much only wear shirts, and they’re all from here). This one’s a real hidden gem. Bold prints ( Aztec, florals, super hipster). Priced between 500 to 700 INR.

Kolhapuri stall on Linking Road:
I go every 3 months to buy a pair, mine wear out quite quickly. 450 INR a pair.

We hope this post has supplemented your last-minute shopping list, and we thank our 3 contributors for their input!

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Merry Christmas!

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