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We Mumbaikars are famous for cribbing, all year round, about the downfalls of living in this city.  But this December, think again. Turns out its one of the best seasons to be in Mumbai, this 2014 and here are a few reasons why –

Why it’s great to be in Bombay this season.

  1. Festivals
  • Whether you’re a fist thumping EDM fanatic, a movie buff, the ultimate authority on all things comic-related or even a connoisseur of wines and vintage music, there’s something for everyone this season in Mumbai.

    Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrate_Bandra
    Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrate_Bandra
  • Bandra saw a host of small and large scale art and music events at Celebrate Bandra this November, including the Wine tasting festival, workshops for kids, football tournaments and Kitsch Mandi- the vibrantly colourful community arts and crafts festival. If you missed these and other international artists like Martin Garrix and Afrojack who also performed in the city, fret not; here are a lot more events coming your way.
  • Image source: www.hopechurchmt.com
    Image source: www.hopechurchmt.com

    Image source: http://everythingexperiential.com/all-that-everything-at-comic-con-2014/
    Image source: http://everythingexperiential.com/all-that-everything-at-comic-con-2014/

Comic Con Mumbai comes back to end the year with a blast! All you die-hard Marvel fans and inhabitants of GeekPlanet, now is the time to come out and shine in all your glory. Feel powerless and drained at your dead-end job? Indulge your alter-ego and come dressed as your favourite superhero. What better way is there to live in 2 universes at once, than to make them converge? A huge bonus is that we haven’t let go of our Halloween costumes, yet, what about you? Hope to see you at the Bombay Convention centre (Goregaon east) from 19th– 21st December, 2014!

It’s All About That Bass…And It Only Leads to Treble!

  • Music lovers, it’s time for one of Asia’s biggest cultural college fests again –Mood
    , 2014! Widely known for their larger-than-life platform (And how can we forget- PRIZES), participate in a range of contests from thematic and duet dance to instrumental, band, solo and even DJ hunts! There are a plethora of other contests too, in the Literary Arts, Dramatics, Design and Journalism departments. Or, if stage fright is what plagues you, simply pick from the phenomenal line-up of concerts. With names like Zakir Hussain, Hariharan, Raghu Dixit, Karsh Kale collective, Papon &,Indian Ocean, Mood Indigo has been getting the best of contemporary music every year. Heads up, EDM lovers- Sander Van Doorn brings the party to MI this year!

    Image source: www.hulkshare.com
    Image source: www.hulkshare.com
  • Another much-awaited couple of acts coming to the city are Bonobo– British electronica star Simon Green, who  will electrify audiences at Mehboob Studios on Saturday, December 13 as part of The Journey, bankrolled by Johnnie Walker and put organized  by Oranjuice Entertainment. Also keep your eyes peeled for Australian acrobatic, aerial and physical theatre company Dislocate, who will present their new production If These Walls Could Talk, American jazz-fusion collective Snarky Puppy comprising Berkelee alumni that have a spunky, unique sound, and and Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts, the 2013 feature film about whom, One Chance will be screened at the event. Tickets will be available on bookmyshow.com
    Image source: http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/johnnie-walker-the-journey/ET00025197
    Image source: http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/johnnie-walker-the-journey/ET00025197

    Image source: http://blog.ourvinyl.tv/bonobos-the-north-borders-album-review/
    Image source: http://blog.ourvinyl.tv/bonobos-the-north-borders-album-review/
  1. PartyCentral!

This is not the time to look at your health board on Pinterest and feel guilty. This is also not a good time to let a bad break up, or getting fired ruin your Christmas cheer. After Sober November, it’s Partycentral December! Seriously. December is like God gave us an excuse to party. He decided to be born in this most beautiful of months as if to say, “Shit happens. People suck. Go on, get smashed and make bad decisions, love a little.”So keep your eyes and ears open for the craziest parties of the year at the hottest party destination in India! Clubs all over the city will usually put up great deals and offers way before it’s D-Day, so tap-tap-research.

Image source: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/213846/1/Christians-used-to-be-sure-of-what-they-believed
Image source: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/213846/1/Christians-used-to-be-sure-of-what-they-believed

If commercial parties aren’t your scene, just throw one at home! We always stand by the verdict that House Parties are the best parties. Impromptu Disney karaoke with your besties, coquettishly scheming to get your love interest under a systematically placed string of fake mistletoe, wine and dim lights, and bearable weather. What’s not to love?

  1. 5 DIY decorations

Want to attempt decorating your house for Christmas this year but

  1. a) You’re broke
  2. b) You hate tacky decorations and red, gold and green are too uninteresting
  3. c) You don’t really have the time or energy to squander the meager amount of free time you have, scouring the streets for material and getting lost in the bargain?

Good news! As your acting Santas-in-advance, we cooked up this pretty awesome list of things you can create, complete with where to source the material from, their contact, prices, and pictures to go with decorations. You can thank us later. Or now. No pressure.

Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes

These beauties are definite winners and how! Used initially on the Christmas tree as hang-up ornaments or around the house as decoration, they also serve the dual purpose of being the ultimate Chirstmas-time giveaways!
Note: You can use so many other alternatives for the layers, but we stuck with chocolate, because………well, who DOESN’T love chocolate?!) You could make these in many different ways like the jar that we used in these images.

Ingredients·      1 single serving package instant hot chocolate mix·      1 clear plastic fillable ornament- I suggest finding one that is food safe

·      Sprinkles

·      chocolate chips (or white chocolate chips/ mint chips etc/gems/ MnMs, etc.)

·      Marshmallow Bits

·      Tag or note on how to make the hot chocolate (mix with 8 oz. hot water)

Instructions·      Start with a clean ornament and take the top off. Fill each ingredient into the ornament using a funnel.·      Start with the hot cocoa mix, then sprinkles, then chocolates and then the mallow bits. Put top back on.

·      You will need to deliver these standing upright or wrap the top with plastic wrap to keep contents inside. It’s ready to go. Just gift it alone or with the other items recommended! Easy and fun!

Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes

Enjoyed making that? Then you’ll love the complete blog post even more. Watch this space in the days leading up to Christmas to see how to make fake snow jars, wine bottle decoratives and more!

  1. Make a Christmas Meal
    Whether you’re Jewish, Parsi, Jain or Protestant, food knows no religion and preparing a Christmas spread is one exercise you’ll surely love! Call lots and lots of people because Christmas feasts typically include so many dishes that you’ll need a hard oak table and a good number of grumbling stomachs to get through it! Here are a few Christmas recipes from around the world that will surely leave you salivating as soon as you read their respective descriptions.

For the poisson-lovers:

Feast of The Seven Fishes (Italy)

Just take a minute and look at that spread. From shrimp, to Calamari to lobster fra diavolo this one is a clear winner for obvious reasons. Recipe here

For the more traditional- hearted:

Ceia De Natal
This Brazilian Christmas Turkey which is typically served after midnight mass, is  marinaded in a sauce made from champagne and spices, and stuffed with dreams. Recipe here

Traditional English Shepherd’s Pie
Whilst Shepherds watch their flock by night, you will be relishing pie. Recipe here

Vegetarian? No biggie:

Nut & spinach roast with wild mushroom gravy
This gravy wants to make us either turn vegetarian for a day, or drown in it. Recipe here

And to top it all off:

The spices are what make it unique; a Tuscan gingerbread. Its pungent and honeyed smell are, for us, the true scent of Christmas.Recipe here

  1. Christmas, Locally.
    December, without a doubt, is the best time to have a friend or two that are Catholic/Christian. If you don’t have one, go out and grab one. Got one? Good.Now make good use of this friend and your status as buddies, to go to the craziest dances and family nights at local gymkhanas where you will be transported back a few decades with feet-tapping and shimmy-inducing jive, rock n’ roll and waltz music, often played by live bands. Most families maintain traditions like churning out  5-10 varieties of handmade Christmas sweets and going around the entire neighbourhood to pay personal visits and gift these sweets, and  calling everyone over after the midnight mass (That in this city, END at 10 p.m. for some reason), to partake in cake, wine, sweets and other festivities.

    Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes
    Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes

    Photo credit: Chantelle Menezes

We hope you liked this post and, as always, share with us your personal favourite things to do on Christmas, or give us feedback on the recipes and  how your Christmas cooking came along!

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